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Date: Thu, December 19th, 2013
It is now: $.012
Traded as: R G_T X
Company Name: Registered Express, Corp

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Trade Date: December 17
Stock Symbol: RG_T-X
Now: $.014

Trading our picks to profit! Nothing but Green!

Small Cap Daily

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Current Price: 0.014
Ticker: RGT-X
Trading Date: Mon, December 9

Flash Alert for Tomorrow! It is perfectly positioned for HUGE growth!

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Company: Registered Express Corp.
To buy: RG_TX
Trade Date: December 9
Closed Price: $.014 (+16%)

Strong close to set up a monster week ahead! Big Play
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Current price: $.012
Name: Registered Express Corporation
Stock Symbol: R_G_T-X
Date: Dec 3th

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Current Price: $.013

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Priced at: .019
Company: Registered Express, Corp
Date: Tuesday, November 26th
Ticker: RG-TX
Target Price: 0.18

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Date: October, 14
Trade: M-O-NK
Closed at: .07
Long Term Target: 0.60
Company Name: Monarchy Resources, Inc.

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Earnings Season Begins With A… “What an amazing night!”.

Trade Date: Thu, Oct 10, 2013
Buy it at: $0.48
Stock: A L_A N
Name: Alanco Technologies, Inc
5-Day Target: 3.30

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Closed Price: $.0225
Long Term Target: .20
Trade Date: October 3
Symbol to buy: SGA E

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Ticker: S-GAE
Trade Date: Mon, Sep 30th
Short Term Target Price: 0.10
Get it at: $0.018

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Last trade: $.0287
Company: Siga Resources Corp.
Trading Date: Wednesday, Sep 25, 2013
Stock Symbol: S-G A E
Short Term Target Price: $.40

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Target: 0.15
Traded as: S_G-A_E
Trading Date: Sep, 23
Currently traded: $0.02

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